Past projects

A list of things I've made over the years

Old Angular website

This is my old portfolio created using Angular. This was something I worked on before I started at Subaio


Website to create and publish questionnaires and automate statistical data generation. Hired work December 2017

Better World Fashion

Conceptualization of a social platform with gamification. Student project from 6th semester of B.Sc Medialogy, 2017


Mobile controlled desktop co-op experience. Student project from 5th semester of B.Sc Medialogy, 2016


Interactive physical mobile drumkit for experienced drummers. Student project from 4th semester of B.Sc Medialogy, 2016

Music creation through image processing

Hand tracking using image processing to control a music node tool. Student project from 3rd semester of B.Sc Medialogy, 2015