Mobile controlled desktop co-op experience

Student project from 5th semester of B.Sc Medialogy, 2016

This semester project was about making audio-visual experiments and we got the opportunity to work with Airconsole, a platform where you can submit a game that uses their controls API for phone to computer communication for a console controller like experience but with a touchscreen. This allowed us to create our own controller and change information on the screen at any time which we thought was a still untapped opportunity. We consist of a group of six people from Medialogy just like every other ordinary semester project.

Image from our motion capture

An image of us recording animations with the Perception Neuron. Not required for the project, but we thought it would be fun to try it out. The guy you see in the tracking equipment is Daniel Bruun Hansen and I'm monitoring on the right

We sought out to create a game that would take advantage of the phone screen and see if players would be able to direct their attention to the correct screen using different kind of methods of feedback like visual cues, sound cues or both at the same time. The game would be an up to four player coop experience, where the goal was to keep a train going from one station to another, without the train destroying itself by completing assigned or shared tasks in form of mini-games completed on the phone screen.

Ready check

Screenshot from the games ready check

If you are interested to know more about this project you are more than welcome to read or look through our report. We also made a video showcasing the game and the project as a whole which you can watch here if you are interested.