Interactive physical mobile drumkit for experienced drummers

Student project from 4th semester of B.Sc Medialogy, 2016

This semester project we were tasked to create an electronic prototype and conduct an audio experiment with said prototype. We decided to create a portable drumkit using pressure sensors to locate and measure the strikes on a set rubber pads.

Circuit layout

Visual illustration/schematic of the circuit of our prototype

The prototype was programmed using Processing and PureData gathering data from an Arduino connected to a computer with wires to the sensors on the drumkit. The system was made so that it could figure out where the strike was, using four pressure sensors spread out on each side. This way, a different sound could be made depending on strike location and force.

Sensor layout

A visual illustration of our sensor layout for the drumpads and pedal

If you are interested to know more about the project, you can read the report right here or you can watch the video for the project here.